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Dr. K V Subramanian

Government of India
Chief Economic Advisor
Dr. K V Subramanian, currently the Chief Economic Advisor to Government of India, and is a leading expert on economic policy, banking and corporate governance. Along with his CEA role, Subramanian also served as an Associate Professor of finance at the Indian School of Business (ISB) Hyderabad. Dr. Krishnamurthy Subramanian is a leading expert in banking and economic policy. He is a prominent name in the Indian banking sector. He has served on the expert committee on the governance of banks for The Reserve Bank of India.

The 2019 Economic Survey – again authored by Dr Subramanian -- laid out the Strategic Blueprint for India to become a $5 trillion economy by generating a “virtuous cycle” where private investment, wage and employment growth, and consumption feed into each other. In the 2021 Economic Survey, he advocated counter-cyclical fiscal policy that employs public capital expenditure to trigger this virtuous cycle following the COVID crisis. Drawing on the ideas advocated in each of the three most recent Economic Surveys, the economic policy to establish a self-reliant India is now characterized by a sharp focus on economic growth to complement efficient welfare by generating the resources to fund welfare programmes; growth via the private sector occupying the commanding heights of the economy; and the virtuous cycle of growth via public investment and structural reforms to enhance both aggregate supply and demand.

Dr Subramanian has been conferred the Distinguished Alumnus award by his alma mater IIT-Kanpur. Apart from being the youngest Chief Economic Advisor, Subramanian is among the youngest to receive this honour from his alma mater. His research in banking, law and finance, innovation and economic growth, and corporate governance has been published in the world’s leading journals.